1. People have asked me, can you predict the future via any of the means I share and teach??I can and have projected into what we refer to as the 'future'. Its something though that can be accomplished only in terms of months , weeks and is not easily adapted  to accurately predict in terms of mere days , let alone hours or minutes. Its not impossible , just extremely difficult. If  a viewer knew of a potential calamity, or if the emotional impact of a disaster or event, was powerful enough, then the viewers could conceivably perceive what might or, in my terms, has already happened.
  2. The domino effect would seem to work in reverse. To myself, and those trained in these various methodologies, the 'past' present and future' all exist AT THE SAME TIME !
  3. Until this belief system is encompassed, understood and accepted though, than the person who wishes to be a non physical time traveller, will find it impossible to 'see' the future, or apply retro-cognition .
  4. So, yes, I have had some success in doing both.. more to come.....!


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